Dr Manoj Sivan MD FRCP

Dr Manoj Sivan MD FRCP is the President of the British Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (BSPRM), an Associate Clinical Professor with the University of Leeds and an Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine (RM) with Leeds NHS Hospitals Trusts. He was awarded the 2021 BMJ Clinical Leadership Team award, 2014 European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (EARM) best research prize, 2014 UK Philip Nichols Prize and 2007 UK's first NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in RM. He is an advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO) for Covid rehabilitation policy in Europe. His research grant income so far is >£4 million from NIHR, MRC, EPSRC, ESRC, RE, RCP and ISRT. He is the Editor-in-Chief for Advances in Rehabilitation Science and Practice and Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine.