Dr Carlotte Kiekens

Dr Carlotte Kiekens is a Belgian Physical and Rehabilitation (PRM) physician, working in Italy since 2020, after 30 years at University Hospitals Leuven. She was Director of the Spinal Unit at the Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute 2020-2021, and head of a PRM unit at IRCCS MultiMedica in Milan till May 2023. She is the Co-Director of Cochrane Rehabilitation, which she co-founded in 2016. She is the chair of the International Society of PRM (ISPRM)-WHO Liaison committee, a member of the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine, a Senior Fellow of the European Board of PRM, an expert of the UEMS PRM Section and an ISCoS Fellow. She has published over 170 PubMed papers and 20 book chapters.